View Full Version : Xbox 360 problem!

25-07-08, 08:37
I was playing a game on my Xbox 360 and I accidently spilled my drink on it! The console flashed off then I tried to turn it back on, but now it shows the outer ring in all red. What should I do??:(

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25-07-08, 08:41
R.I.P. most likely...

You need to leave it to dry first, then contact service - it won't be free as you killed it yourself. Actually it may even get equal to repair this one or to buy a new.

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25-07-08, 09:07
If all 4 lights are red, then your AV cable isn't properly inserted in the back of the console. If 3 lights are flashing, then uh-oh! :eek:

(Btw, if there ARE 4 lights and your cable IS inserted properly, then again, uh-oh! :eek:)