View Full Version : Any chance of next gen?

25-07-08, 12:45
OK my friend is a fan of tomb raider and was wondering if he could be able to play underworld on his pc, except obviously if he couldn't run next gen on legend then there would be little chance of it managing underworld right?

This is a laptop and i find the specs a little odd but here we go

his graphics card is NVIDIA MCP67M with 554MB vram
he has 2gig of memory
but his cpu is 1.80 ghz which sounds a little low

could anybody please tell me how this would go in terms of being able to run next gen legend, i know the graphics card sounds decent and there is a fair bit of ram but the cpu sounds a little slow to me so i wanted another view on this from somebody more experienced with pc specs. I'm not a pc gamer myself you see. :ton:


25-07-08, 12:57
Go to THAT (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=58222) thread and run the checkup. If the PC/laptop reaches the Optimal level, then it's run TRL and TRU in Next Gen.

I doubt though this one you've mentioned can run TRU glitchless...

25-07-08, 13:13
thankyou but it is not my computer i was wondering about, i shall show that to my friend anyhow. But was legend next gen rather choppy and inefficent on pc anyway? there are games with better graphics needing lower specs anyway. i realised that even if it could run legend okish that underworld would be a little more tricky.