View Full Version : how od you record the radio off the net?

26-07-08, 10:48
man vista is a pain, i remember i can record my computer without a mic... i launched the recorder from vista and no sound...unless i use a mic.i used another program with the same result and i read the FAQ and i dont know how to set hardware acceration off? and redirect the recorder to the sterer mixer??

i just want to record a website with sound..... is it that hard???

26-07-08, 18:29
just search the code for the source of the sound and download the file.

*ponders why everyone wants to record stuff*

26-07-08, 18:53
Is it a Shoutcast Radio server? You can record/download songs from them using this: http://www.streamingstar.com/How-to-record-shoutcast-radio.htm :wve:

26-07-08, 18:56
^ahh... ive been looking for a windoze equivalent to streamripper that i used in linux

30-07-08, 06:55
thanks ill try tomorrow:)