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26-07-08, 18:08
http://i36.************/4udwn6.jpg any tips
http://i36.************/2baz3d.jpg black isle theme
http://i34.************/dczqzm.jpg i drew this with a pen and the only programme i have is paint so its hard to fix ive seen some gorgous pictures on here thats why i was wondering if anyone would colour it in for me and sort it out
what do you think

Lara Croft!
26-07-08, 18:10
She looks kinda chubby, but still it's very nice!

26-07-08, 18:11
can you reduce the image? It's hard to see it with it in your face :);) But it looks nice

26-07-08, 18:28
sorry if you tell me how to reduce it i will i drew it in a book and it looks much better init than on the internet the lines look really poor but thanks for crit

26-07-08, 18:49
Go to tinypic, and choose your file, but click on the drop-down menu and choose 640X480, then click upload, then put it here.

26-07-08, 19:12
looking at it again her body to big for her head

26-07-08, 19:18
looking at it again her body to big for her head

Yes, that's it. That's the only thing you could fix. :tmb:

26-07-08, 19:30
Very nice work :tmb:

26-07-08, 19:31
Nice work, but would little Lara really have such huge boobs!

26-07-08, 20:14
her old head looks better than the new for some reason but i cant put it back normal

young Lara Croft
26-07-08, 20:21
she looks good , a few retoughes on her anatomy and you're ready to color it! that's only if you want to ! :D

26-07-08, 20:53
She looks kinda chubby, but still it's very nice!


I think her head looks young but her body doesn't. ;)

Nicely done.

TR love
27-07-08, 06:23
shes got very big boobs :P

27-07-08, 07:50
Nice sketch!! :D:tmb:

28-07-08, 11:28
is the black isle in ireland or scotland

28-07-08, 12:36
nice work :) face is different