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27-07-08, 07:18
As some of you may or may not know, I am Pandemonium's biggest fan. Here is something I did a while back. I drew this on a huge drawing pad, and it was too big to scan. I photographed it instead, and the file was actually bigger than the original drawing. I started coloring it and nearly finished when suddenly Photoshop decided to crash. I took a quick screenshot and tried to reconstruct my work, but the greatest failing of the screenshot is its inability to preserve layers. In any case, the colored version is smaller than the original scan, a shrunken version of which can be seen here: http://i208.photobucket.com/albums/bb66/Squiffy18/Original%20Artwork/fargus1.jpg

This is the colored version:

I can't remember why I didn't include his gloves, and I guess it seemed silly to me at the time to draw the sleeves without the gloves, so I left both out. I may go back and add the gloves to preserve the original concept. Most of the glaring mistakes are probably because I had to fix it after the photoshop crash, but as always I welcome all critiques.

27-07-08, 07:20
Interesting! Superb work on the hands :tmb:

27-07-08, 07:57
Wow...that's amazing! Really fantastic, I love the details! :tmb: :D

27-07-08, 08:00
THe background is so cool
Looks alive and moving

27-07-08, 08:40
Amazing work!! :tmb:
The background is complemented with the character XD

27-07-08, 09:00
Very nice work indeed :tmb:

28-07-08, 05:36
:cln:Great drawing !:tmb: Brings back memories :)