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Jedd Fletcher
27-07-08, 11:04
"Junior?" One of the best movie lines ever, from one of my all-time favourite films. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade was without a doubt what it was because of Sean Connery's excellent characterisation of Indiana Jones' strict/philandering Dad. Here is my rendering of the character. It took ages to get Jones Sr's expression and face shape right, so I hope it works.

Henry Jones Sr (http://jedd-the-jedi.deviantart.com/art/Henry-Jones-Sr-92917039)

27-07-08, 11:07
It's not bad. But he looks too young and - maybe it's just me - a bit Asian :o...

Alex Fly
27-07-08, 11:16
Great drawing ! :tmb:

27-07-08, 15:45
Looks really good :tmb:

27-07-08, 15:46
Good Work!:tmb:

Crystal girl
27-07-08, 15:54
Great work :tmb:

27-07-08, 18:26
Great drawing! :tmb:

27-07-08, 18:36
Sweet work, Jedd- great pencilling as usual :tmb:

27-07-08, 18:40
Great job coloring it Jedd! :tmb:

27-07-08, 19:02
good :) even tho it's not 100% similarity. He looked different

27-07-08, 23:18
Nice drawing!! :tmb: :)

Jedd Fletcher
28-07-08, 12:26
Thanks for the many kind comments guys: one of the most I've gotten for a drawing. Some are saying that it doesn't look like Connery-his face is one of the hardest to pin down, so I think I did my best, but everyone's entitle to their opinion.