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27-07-08, 22:33
Hello. :)

I often have a problem with word programs.

I use Microsoft word but when I try and open the file up on another computer, for example at university or at a library, their computers don't recognise my file.

Is my Word program outdated or is it something else.

Also, I have tried using a program called Open Office and one of its features enables one to save any file so that it can work with Microsoft office (Word, office, powerpoint, etc.) The conversion from Open Office power point to Microsoft power point works, but when it comes to the Word files they don't seem to work.

This is especially annoyoing when I run out of ink and can't print out my paper and must use uni's or a library to print out only to find out that my work cannot be opened by their computers.

Can anyone help (hopes Joseph can give an answer to calm my nerves)?:)

27-07-08, 22:34
What version of Word is yours? And what version of Word does the university have?

27-07-08, 22:39
Microsoft works/word

uni's...mmm don't really know. But when I open a word file from uni on my computer I can view it using notedpad, which isn't quite bad. But the only thing is that my footnotes and endnotes can't be opened/viewed.

This is also vice-versa; can open my files on uni computer through notebook.

Quite odd. :confused:

Sorry I'm not so good with computers, only at buying a new one when they're broken! :D

27-07-08, 22:57
Your Word is part of the 2003 Office, or part of the 2007 one?

27-07-08, 23:34

should I update to 2007?

Thanks for the reply. :)

27-07-08, 23:53
Nope. You could have a problem that is that Office 2007 have a new file format to word files, and in order for those to be compatible you need to save it in a format that is compatible with the office 2003. Since you have Office 2003, that doesn't seem to be the problem. Your university PC's have which office?

28-07-08, 00:32
heres the thing.. Newer versions of Office applications will always be able to open the older versions as long as you select the option to convert the file format. There is also a compatibility pack that can be downloaded at microsoft.com to convert all newer formats to be opened in older versions of Office such as XP. If you really have difficulty in taking your word documents back and forth even with a compatibility pack, save the file as a rich text file (.rtf) RTF should be readable by any version of word.

28-07-08, 06:29
Microsoft works/word

Just so you know, you cannot open Microsoft Works documents in Microsoft Word, and visa versa.

And yes, MS Office 2007 use different file types (.docx rather than .doc for example) than its predecessors - you can use converters such as THIS (http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=941b3470-3ae9-4aee-8f43-c6bb74cd1466&displaylang=en) one, to allow you save to this latest version and to convert new versions to open in the old.

And yeah, as spikejones suggested, Rich Text Format should be able to be opened by most word processing programs.

EDIT: By the way, Joseph isn't around any more - he left a while ago.

28-07-08, 12:37
@ Titanium, Dakaruch, spikejones, jamie - thanks for all the replies. I will do everying stated. Thanks again. :D

It's a little sad - Joseph's departure. :(

Anyway, thanks so much again. :)