View Full Version : TR2 - cannot reach level two without it closing up and box:

28-07-08, 21:28
'' (E:\database\boat.TR2) requires a new tomb2:EXE (version 1370239) ''

It is so annoying, another genuine classic destroyed by my bloody xp update. I'd installed everything, inc compat with windows '95. I would rather not download a patch, but if that is my only option i will have to suffice.
Thank you for your help x

28-07-08, 21:31
Run compatability mode at Windows 98/ME. If that fails, the patch is the other option.

29-07-08, 05:18
Better download and install Multipatcher (http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/vista/patch.html)

N.B.: DON'T set compatibility mode for already patched TR2.

29-07-08, 09:15
Thank you all. But where do i download it to (my documents?)?

29-07-08, 09:45
^ Anywhere you like :) Just ensure you can find the file after download is complete ;)