View Full Version : MSN signing me in

Lara Coft Baby
29-07-08, 00:05
MSN messenger keeps signing me in. And it is not set to. I dont have the box that says sign me in automatically checked. But yet every few minutes it signs me in. And for some reason its freaking me out. :cln: What could be causing this to happen?

29-07-08, 00:09
It always does that to me, too!

I wish to know the solution to the problem as well :p

Lara Coft Baby
29-07-08, 14:04
So no one knows whats causing this?

29-07-08, 14:29
Have you already tried to change your password? Or you can delete MSN out of your taskbar.

Minty Mouth
29-07-08, 14:38
It could be bacause someone else is using your account. Have you ever given anyone your password? Theres a thing going around where people send you an invitation to look at their gallery or something, but by accepting it they get your password.

Change your password, and it will solve the problem :wve:

Lara Coft Baby
29-07-08, 15:46
I have never given out my password to any one. And this stopped when I ended MSN all together. But I will try and change my password just to be on the safe side :p