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Jedd Fletcher
29-07-08, 13:11
I remember doing this (http://jedd-the-jedi.deviantart.com/art/Batman-in-frogman-batsuit-54394171) some time back, and wished to revisit the idea of designing an original divesuit for the Caped Crusader. So the idea is that the outfit is made of an experimental nano-Neoprene fibre, and shark-repellent pulse emitters are built into the gauntlets. The suit also has a self-contained rebreather unit that provides six hours of oxygen supply, webbed gloves and boots with retractable flipperss. This was also more or less a study in male anatomy, which I've always been rusty at. There are still a couple of proportion errors, but oh well. Hope you guys like it!

Batman in Concept Wetsuit (http://jedd-the-jedi.deviantart.com/art/Batman-in-Concept-Wetsuit-93138192)

29-07-08, 20:09
Looks really good :tmb:

30-07-08, 11:32
It's looks great!! :tmb:

30-07-08, 11:51
Its realy intresting !