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29-07-08, 14:57
help doing head and hands and negatives

ive been practicing drawing body and from different angles but i cant seem to get lara head or boots right any advicehttp://i37.************/29wuzv8.jpg
shes abot to or just pull the rpoe so she should be lookin up it just looks weird when i draw it

29-07-08, 15:07
Ok well i done the head, i never been any good at feet myself, notice in all my drawings i cut them off hhehe


29-07-08, 15:10
The thigh in the foreground looks too long.

29-07-08, 15:11
The thigh in the foreground looks too long.

Thats what i thought it was throwing me off a bit, i mean i can draw over ur orginal lines if you like but i just did the head hehe

29-07-08, 15:23
thanks alot thats really good i was scared she looked like a stripper on a pole always noses from that angle is really hard isaw the leg thing but i thought i could just bring up the platform orginally i was going to draw her going up stairs reaching for something i just didnt have the creativity to think what to grab

29-07-08, 16:35
its good i like it :P if you still go with the going up stairs reaching for something try different objects :P such as levers, artifacts, weapons, people, ledges and other stuff :)

good stuff

29-07-08, 17:28
ive always liked drawing even though my stuff is average its hard to draw bodies because ive never been taught how ive never started by drawing a stick man or using simple shapes and putting together i always just done the outlines i think thats why i have so much trouble and thanks you really transformed my picture

29-07-08, 18:28
yeah iv never done stick men or shapes first either, iv always done the outlines :) and theres no problem with that either, keep up the good work! id love to see the finished piccy :P

29-07-08, 18:46
how about these ideas
going up staircase reachin for this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Mjollnir.png[/IMG][/URL]

http://i36.************/jh5zwz.jpg climbing over brick wall in england going to somewhere i havent thought of anything good yet

http://i33.************/29x44g.jpg egyptian tomb pulling rope

30-07-08, 15:16
im having trouble finding norse art and old texts i wanted put some in the first picture to make it look like a norse tomb love some help finding references

04-08-08, 17:30
No.2 is muchhhh better, go ith the climbing over the wall one.