View Full Version : Trouble uploading 64MB video to youtube!

29-07-08, 20:46
Okay I had this problem last time and it turned out to be that the video was too long. This time the videos only 8 minutes long and its not breaking any T&C violations but when I go to upload it, it takes like an hour to upload and then shows an error.

Can anyone help me?

29-07-08, 20:46
What does the error say? :wve:

Tomb Raider Master
29-07-08, 20:49
Thread moved to Technical Support section.

29-07-08, 20:51
Its just a blank explorer page!

29-07-08, 20:54
Hmm. Keep trying, that's all I can say for now.

It's happened to me in the past - sometimes the page just 'time's out'. Does your internet sometimes cut out for a minute or so? At a stretch even this weather might have something to do with it!

In the past just being persistant has worked. :tmb:

29-07-08, 20:57
I'm so ****ing mad. It's my ****ing internet. I'm with ****ing AOL and I've been telling my mother to switch to another ****ing company but obviously I can't do it myself and she's to busy! I'm going to go test my upload speed.

29-07-08, 21:03
Have you tried using the Multi Uploader ?
When my internet cut out it magically resumed and it show in percent how much the uploading is completed.

29-07-08, 21:12
I can't believe my upload speed!

http://www.speedtest.net/result/302337610.png (http://www.speedtest.net)

Lara Coft Baby
29-07-08, 22:18
Its just a blank explorer page!

I always get this when I am using Internet explorer. Is that what your using? Try firefox, cause I always use firefox. And I dont get that error any more. :p

29-07-08, 22:32
It uploaded finally!