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30-07-08, 06:51
Official Picture Request Thread

Hey Guys,

I was just thinking that seeing as though so many people are makning pictures now that it would be good to have a "Picture Request Thread".
Only becuase sometimes people are trying to find a picture and they can't becuase the thread has no new posts or is old that no one cares anymore

Official Picture Request Thread

30-07-08, 08:10
Hey that's a great idea. I'm a bit busy at the moment with the Pin-Up Contest and my "What I Draw YOU DECIDE!" thread, but I love being busy. So if you guys want something related to the wonderful Lady Croft, Tomb Raider, or supheroes, I'm the one to ask. ;)

Um. Could someone draw me a picture of Nariko from Heavenly Sword? I would much appreciate it. :)

30-07-08, 19:07
i know this doesn,t seem like much but i haven,t done much face or body drawings i tried her eyes then just got lost i should of started by drawing the shape of her face http://i37.************/211jgvo.jpg

31-07-08, 18:33
Clw, that is excellent work with the detailed eyes. It seems to me that drawing blobbs or teh bubble method really helps. For example, take a look at this diagram.

Perspective now then its hard at first but keep at it cause once you've got it you'll never forget it. When you look at a picture or drawing there's never a flat perspective there is always one part of the picture facing towards or away from you or angled in someway or another. This is called perspective. I have used cubes here instead of cylinders because its easier to show you how it works. As these diagrams show when these shapes i.e. legs arms tilt away they seem to flatten out or become smaller and shorter. To help you understand better here is a simple experiment you can try. Hold a drinking glass straight up in front of you. Now tilt it slowly back. See how how its body seems to shorten as you do so. That's perspective right.

Really what you made so far is excellent. A finished render will be amazing. :tmb:

01-08-08, 13:54
hello ive been tryin to get people to colour some drawings in for me and basically make them worth looking at i only have paint programme and im useless at it and everyones pictures look so good. here they are
http://i35.************/v4a4hz.jpg her left eye is a bit crazy looking
http://i33.************/2mrdw02.jpg the lines might be abit faded

tell me if your interested ill understand if your not thankyou

01-08-08, 15:42
Can I request screenshots here? :whi:

01-08-08, 17:33
Can I request screenshots here? :whi:

Why not? Its a picture request thread. And screenshots are pictures too.

Clw, that looks very good, I like how you made the water coming out, on the second piece, and the first piece, the pose is great! :)

01-08-08, 17:44
is her body look a bit floppy to you like it needs muscle
http://i33.************/140c56q.jpg http://i33.************/14dd7k3.jpgsorry if my constant posting annoys you i just dont wanna get it wrong is there anything wrong with her outfit or perportions its lighter in colour because i printed the first one than rescanned it
i started colouring its not turning out very realistic so far though

01-08-08, 17:50
oh its gonna be so good!

01-08-08, 23:35
Awesome drawings guys. :)

05-08-08, 13:09
http://i36.************/xy2ys.jpg ignore this i done it and i dont know how to delete it

11-08-08, 15:02
ive posted like nearly every drawing ive done on here

Legend Killer
13-08-08, 15:12
Can we sticky this thread for future reference please?

I'm looking for really sharp resolutions of the medipacks (both large and small) used in TR Anniversary. Can someone hook me up here?

18-08-08, 16:20
i dont know who to ask but whens trlegendlara coming back she asked for a drawing but i cant contact her

19-08-08, 13:51
need a heavenly sword render like this http://i36.************/5zjqrd.jpg but once i saw one much clearer where you can see the red engravings id like it if anyones got it