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30-03-04, 17:09
For a man with rivals snapping at his heels, Google's technology boss Craig Silverstein comes across as rather relaxed.

The master and commander of the world of search is facing a barrage of contenders seeking to take over the throne.

Mr Silverstein is aware that Google could lose the top spot at any moment, but remains convinced that its way of handling the mass of information on the web is best, at least for now.

"We're dependent on coming up with the right ideas," said Mr Silverstein. "If you rest on your laurels, you will be toppled."

For the moment, Google is riding high. It now has more than 70% of the global market, meaning that seven out of 10 people will click onto Google's webpage when they are looking for information on the internet.

And it was named as the top brand of 2003, beating Apple into second place.

But the history of the internet is littered with search engines which once dominated the net.

Just a few years ago, AltaVista had been the search tool of choice. Before that it was Inktomi and even earlier it had been Yahoo.

"We've looked at how easy it is for people to switch from Google to another search engine," Mr Silverstein told BBC News Online.

"The conclusion we draw from it is that we have to stay on our toes. Switching is ridiculously easy to do and search is so important to people, they will switch if it makes their life easier."

In its attempts to stay ahead of the competition, it has just revamped its web page and announced that it is trying out a system that allows people to enter personal information so that the search engine might deliver more relevant results.

Full story available HERE (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/3579497.stm)

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