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31-07-08, 05:25
I know making this into a new thread might be wrong, but what I am decided to do, instead of voting for the ideas I bring to the table and for th ideas of what others bring to the table.
This is the deal.
I am going to list three choices that I can draw from. If I can't think of anything, you may suggest something. If I like it enough, I'll post it as one of the choices. This will be weekly, or maybe 5 days daily. (make sense?)
And whatever has the highest number of voites I will make a composition according to the one that was the most popular. But I need your help. I can't vote by myself.

So to begin the offical weekly voting for Lara works.
Here it goes:
These are the choices
:D = Exciting
:confused: = Scary, and mysterious
:jmp: = Eye-popper!

:confused: GAME OVER

Heroes always win...don't they? There's no problem with fighting a tough opponent or solving a difficult puzzle...is there? No one is perfect, and sad enough to say, that includes our lovely Lady Lara Croft. What if she didn't win the epic battle? What if she fell to her knees? Do you want to know?


You may think you've seen much when it comes to Lara and her adventures, but how can you be sure? With exploring the underworld, Lara will face many predators and enemies of all shapes and sizes, but what would happen in the Thailand underworld? Will all hell break lose?


Lara is never one for patience, for example diving into a nest of hornets, climbing without climbing gear, etc. But every noe and then something starts to push Lara's buttons, and a dormant volcano sounds off. What will happen when Lara loses control?

31-07-08, 05:37

I had something in mind, but oh well, it's up to you :p

31-07-08, 05:39
So your voting for 'Disgruntled' then? :)
What did you have in mind, I'm still taking requests on the other thread as well. This was is just more to the point, that's why I made it.

31-07-08, 05:41
Well, I thought :jmp: meant eye popper :p

So I was going to suggest that you make Lara's clothes hook on a rocks, then the rock starts tumbling down.

31-07-08, 05:43
Ooh very good idea! Hmm. That will go in next week's voting choice. I like that. >:-)