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31-07-08, 14:12
I installed TR1 on my Windows XP (VDM sound, the installer and all). It works great, so now I'd like to connect a gamepad to the game. I never played it with a gamepad before so it's probably just me being stupid, but I have no idea where to configure the gamepad for this game. :confused:
Seeing I can't find it, I searched the forums a bit and found this (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=50243) thread. So I installed JoyToKey, configured the keys and everything seems to go great, except for the run/back/left/right keys, which I can't seem to configure. I tried with both sticks and the direction keys and nothing seems to work, which is weird, seeing all of the other controls work perfectly. :confused:

So, does anyone know how to configure these or maybe you could suggest a different software or a solution to configuring the gamepad?

Btw, if it means anything, I'm using my PS3 Controller.

31-07-08, 17:59
1. Do you have all the drivers installed? I mean you must use some converter to plug PS3 gamepad to PC.

2. Do you have your gamepad properly configured in Control panel > Gaming controllers?

3. Mind that you need to leave Joy2Key running while using your gamepad in TR1.

31-07-08, 18:47
Yes, the controller works perfectly with some other games and I do leave JoyToKey running while running TR. As I said, all other controls I configured with it (Action, Jump, Roll etc.) work perfectly except for the Run/Back/Left/Right ones, which I tried configuring in a few different ways - nothing works. :(