View Full Version : Annoying problem with iTunes

Hybrid Soldier
01-08-08, 03:41
Today i bought a new iPod (classic) and i wanted to transfer two videos i purchased from iTunes on to my iPod.. i have no problem getting the file on my iPod, its the fact the file is going into the "music" section of the iPod. So when i go on my iPod to watch the video.. all i just hear the song but i don't see the actual video.

Like, wtf is wrong with it? I've been at this for a good while now and i can't find any way to fix it. I've been able to put other music videos on my iPod that i didn't purchase on iTunes.. but i can't even put the ones i bought on to my iPod. :confused:

There's the section in the library which has "movies".. all the videos i didn't purchase on iTunes i got in there, but for some stupid reason my purchase songs i can't get in.

Can someone please help?


A mod can close this.. i finally figured out the problem. X_X