View Full Version : looking for a new laptop

03-08-08, 01:30
I'm in the market for a new laptop. Does anybody have any suggestion about what I should get? I want it to be reasonably priced, but not be junk. I also want to be ablt to play TR:Underworld on it. Tell what you think would be good!:)

03-08-08, 01:35
If its a laptop that you envision yourself for strictly gaming, go with a Dell or HP. Since they already come with a NVIDIA graphics card. I wouldn't suggest an Apple product because I don't know your budget and the basic one is around $1099 with simple graphics card and is mainly used for art and design programs. Although the macbook is well worth it. ;) Macbook pros come with better graphics cards but can cost up to 3000 :yik:


that one caught my eye, its cheap, elegant, lots of mem, graphics card, and the processor isn't too bad but not as good as Intel Pentium.

03-08-08, 01:44
There are some nice Sony VAIO laptops that come with NVIDIA GeForce graphic cards and are at reasonable prices :)

03-08-08, 13:18
If you want the platform for gaming (and powerful, considering TRU and all of that kind), don't buy a laptop. Laptops are not gaming solutions, those that fit that criteria are expensive, hot and heavy (not good qualities for a mobile solution).
For gaming better buy a decent desktop PC (for the same price you can get much better specs).