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03-08-08, 08:10
I apologize if this has been made before if there is another thread like this would somebody kindly show me and close this thread? thanx ^_^>. ok so i'm using windows vista i start noticing that i'm losing a lot of space like gbs worth everyday for some reason and i don't know why. i did read a lil bit of some answers through google searches. some answers said something about system restore point or something like that. i hope you guys can help me. i don't want to do anything stupid lol.

03-08-08, 10:23
I will try to help. I don't use Windows Vista, but I have read about this. Vista by default (I think) have system restore feature on, and what it does is making a security copy of files on your computer so you can restore it later if it all goes wrong with Windows. You would have to disable this feature if you don't want this to happen, but to recover that chunk of space for your hard disk drive you will have to locate the folder in which Vista keeps those files (sorry don't know where is it :() and delete those files inside I think.

Hope this helps, as I'm not sure 100% about it. :wve: :cln:

03-08-08, 13:30
^ Disabling System Restore service completely is HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED. All you can do is disable it on NON system drives (if you have those).

To regain free space:

Use CCleaner (http://www.ccleaner.com/download)
Perform antivirus scan
Run disk defragmentation

If you have SP1 installed, read THIS (http://www.labnol.org/software/tutorials/finish-install-windows-vista-sp1-clean-junk-files/2641/) to clean some temporary files off.

03-08-08, 19:11
thanx for the reply you guys. i did the cc cleaner and everything. i checked out the site you mentions. it said i won't be able to remove service pack 1 later. i was just wondering if that was a good thing or a bad thing?

03-08-08, 19:34
from what i can remember reading here, SP1 is RECOMMENDED to have on the machine. So, I wouldn't worry about removing it later. Just my two cents though.

04-08-08, 03:41
oh ok thanx ^_^. i'll have a look at it once more