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03-08-08, 10:33
Hey peeps, just a quick question about the Xbox 360 dvd player. I have a region 4 (Aust/Pal) Xbox 360. Can the Xbox 360 read other regions? like region 2?
I've tried a region 1 dvd, Full House season 6 and it worked. So I'm wondering if a region 2 would work, I'm hoping to get Evangelion: You Are not Alone, off Play Asia but I'm not sure if it'll work, and my standard dvd player is how do you say.. broken in a way. So may you please help!

From your sis, Jess :D

03-08-08, 13:33
If you have a not "region-free" device and not "region-free" disc, unmatching can't be played.
I'd say something is wrong with that "region 1" DVD (it may be "region-free" actually). So, to summarize, your r4 XboX won't play legal r1 or r2 DVD.

04-08-08, 06:33
Thanks, yeah I think it's region free, but it's brought from the U.S that's why...