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04-08-08, 00:31
Okay, where can I start. Yesterday my mum's friend gave me his old laptop - free of charge! :jmp: So anyway. When he brought it round I booted it up, and started uninstalling some stuff I didn't want on it. The battery is broken, meaning the laptop can only run off the power cable. I thought the battery would at least last a couple of seconds, so I took the Laptop to another room, and when I got in there, it switched itself off. Must be REALLY broken then. Then I plugged it back in, switched it on, and my problem started. First, the Packard Bell screen will pop up, then a black screen with writing appears.

It says something about Windows not starting successfully, and a recent hardware or software change might have caused it. Then there's a list of things.

Safe Mode
Safe Mode with Networking
Safe Mode with Command Prompt

Last Known Good Configuration. (Your most recent settings that worked.)

Start Windows Normally.

I chose to start it Normally, and it went to the Windows XP loading bar, and the blue line went across it a couple of times. Then the Laptop restarted, bringing me back to the screen with the choices. I tried everything on that screen, and it all did the same.
When I asked my mum's friend what to do, he said I'd need a Windows XP disc to repair it and boot up the machine. I looked on the internet, and the solution is to actually place the CD in then repair it using a menu of some sort. Thing is, he doesn't have a Windows XP disc, I don't, and I'm not prepared to pay for one. Is there any other solution?

04-08-08, 01:20
Don`t you even have a recovery cd with that laptop? Why don`t you ask for it from your friend. Maybe he could ask one from the manufacturer of that laptop. Any xp cd should do though. You may even need to reinstall windows. Which might be more preferable if you want clean environment.

04-08-08, 01:24
I've asked him. And I don't want to get him involved further, he was nice enough to give me the laptop, I messed up, and I want to fix it.

04-08-08, 06:20
Are you familiar with Linux? It can be a better solution for an old laptop. Besides it's FREE.