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05-08-08, 14:52
A week ago I made a video in iMovie and I used the iMovie uploader to put the film onto YouTube. iMovie said that the upload was complete and was going to processing. After signing in on YouTube, I didn't have any video on My Videos tab or on my channel. I was convinced it was to do with iMovie probably exporting it in m4v which YouTube doesn't support. I found a free online converter but that failed even though m4v and avi were supported. I've looked around and I can't find any free converters which will do the whole clip. I don't mind if it doesnt convert to AVI just any YouTube supported file type.

Sorry for all the recent Tech threads. :o

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06-08-08, 11:24
The 1st link only converts 50% of the video and the TuneBite trial doesn't convert videos. :(

06-08-08, 11:26
^ There are more than one link on each of those pages...

06-08-08, 14:38
Try AviDemux (http://fixounet.free.fr/avidemux/)

06-08-08, 16:19
I do know a site where you can convert, literally any file type for free. Providing it's 100MB or less, otherwise your charged to subscribe.

It's an online converter :tmb:


Don't worry, they never send you spam mail. I've used them for months. Never had problems with them :)

I did PM Neteru ages ago on whether, this site was illegal or not. But he thinks it probably is, but I'm not totally sure? :confused:

Let's be glad it's not!

06-08-08, 17:23
holy buckets... i just noticed that you wanted youtube format.
in that case, just use the automatic FLV conversion in AviDemux (duh)
to do that....
1. open the video - if it plays, you can convert it
2. go to: Auto menu
3. drop down to FLV
4. Go to File menu
5. Go to save -> video
6. Name it and you may have to type the .flv extension

takes all the guess work out of getting the codecs proper for the AVI container/youTube player compatibility