View Full Version : hd tv wont show ps1 games properly

06-08-08, 11:01
Hi i own a 28 inch hd tv from matsui, and want to play ps1 games on it however the wont show properly with massive lines through the screen and a kinda blur for example in ff9 it will show the battle menu for a while after a fight (worried bout screen burn so turned off after a min or 2) however it shows ps2 and wii games properly. im using the ps2 to play them and have a component cable and the normal one and one which goes in the aerial but no changes occur in any. its still the same problem. it works fine on the 42 inch in the livin room any ideas?

other q would a hdmi cable work on a ps2 ( a ps3 lead in a ps2)?? as wonder if that would help

and also would tht xploder hd loader help any? i know it upscales ps2 to hd but dunno bout ps1?


06-08-08, 11:19
PS1 games were not designed to work on HDTV. Dunno about this Xploder thing, it seems not a very reliable product for me.

PS3 cable will work with PS2.

But your PS2 issues with this TV are caused by wrong TV settings not the cables, you can use component aswell.

06-08-08, 11:25
The massive lines might be from interlacing or something. Basicaly I think most of these picture impurities your seing might be due to the fact that your teleivision is years ahead of your console and exposes all the visual impurities technology from the 90's had but wouldnt have been noticed on low clarity televisions.

The battle screen thing sounds really unusual to me though.

Is there a setting on your television for noise reduction? Because maybe you could use that.

Also I think cables can make a difference. Is you use those Red,Blue and Green cables instead of Yellow, Red and Black/White it might be better suited for your HD television and you might see a marginal improvement in picture quality (though not quite HD). I did with my Xbox. But Im not sure PS2's actually have that Blue, Red, Green component option though but if it does go for it. Otherwise even try increasing the refresh rate and enabling progresive scan.

06-08-08, 11:38
hi i dont know how to ebable progressive scan or increasing the refresh rate? any idea i may just either wait for the psp store to get the ff7-9 or just play it downstairs