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06-08-08, 20:49
I guess I should really stop ignoring this problem now after my failed attempted at fixing it about 2 or 3 weeks ago (naughty Tom)

Basically, I was running AVG 8 about 3 weeks ago and got myself a rather nasty virus that was basically making my screen flash and restart my computer before I had time to do anything (even in safe mode) but I got that sorted myself.

Now during the clean up I did a system restore and put my computer back about 3 days. Now this was before upgrading to AVG 8 so it put my AVG back down to 7.whatever.

The problem is that AVG simply doesnt even work anymore, it brings an error up on startup and fails to launch. It wont uninstal and it wont repair either (I have tried both AVG 7 and 8)

I'm a bit stumped really; had a look around and nothing has worked for me so far.

Help help heeelp haha thank you guys :)

Oh and, we are dealing with wonderful Vista.

06-08-08, 21:11
sounds like you botched your registry or lost the when you did the system restore, or just lost the MSI (or the path of it). have you tried to undo the system restore?

Try using the windows installer clean up utility (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/290301) to uninstall both AVG7 and AVG8, run a registry cleaner, then reinstall AVG8.

06-08-08, 21:30
I haven't tried to undo the SR no, but its a bit late for that now really. I was lazy and left it to long, my own fault really.

Will have a go with what you linked me too and get back to you. Thanks Spikejones :p


Ergh ok so AVG isn't on the list that the Clean Up gives me to choose from . *sigh*

06-08-08, 21:39
are you able to uninstall AVG8 through Add/Remove Programs? If so, I would try to remove it first using that, then Run a registry cleanup, try reinstalling AVG7 which should bring with it the proper registry settings. Then turn around and uninstall it. Run registry cleanup again. Install AVG8 again.

Whenever I upgrade or downgrade an application, I always uninstall the previous version first.

06-08-08, 21:44
AVG 8 isn't on my computer at all (according to any lists) the System Restore put it back completely to 7.x

AVG 7.x is on the uninstall list however; when I click it I get "installation failed" and it won't remove/repair.

Installer initialization failed due to following error:
Error: Initialization of the language file "C:\Program Files\Grisoft\AVG7" failed.
General failure.

AVG 7 won't reinstall with the .exe either and AVG 8 won't install cause it tries to remove AVG 7 first but it cant do it :( Vicious circle lol..

06-08-08, 21:56
hmm.. have you done a registry cleanup yet? It seems like you have the AVG8 application installed but the registry is pointing at non-existent AVG7 installation stuff and is giving you errors of all sorts.

06-08-08, 22:06
I havent yet no, I will do one now. Any recommendations as to which program to use pleeeease? I just restarted and got the error message to show you too.



06-08-08, 22:18
RegCleaner (http://www.tombraiderhub.com/download/RegCleaner.zip)

06-08-08, 23:12
ok the regcleaner seemed to do something but eveything remained on the lists after sooo. I tried uninstalling AVG 7 and it didnt seem to do much. So I tried installing 8 and it failed at the end. this is what it said.

Local machine: installation failed
Error: Action failed for file _AVG7_avgemc.exe: stopping service....
Error 0x8007041d
Error: Action failed for file _AVG7_avgemc.exe: starting service....
Service AVGEMS failed to progress during startup at checpoint 0 (wait hint 10000 ms) in 90418 ms.

07-08-08, 06:42
^ You need to not only sacn the Registry with Reg Cleaner, but also go to Uninstall tab and remove AVG from there (and from Uninstall list if fails).

07-08-08, 13:13
I have tried and it just won't remove from the list. Reg Cleaner can't get rid of it. Its starting to really stress me out again lol this is why I just ignored it in the end.