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Melonie Tomb Raider
06-08-08, 22:21
My boyfriend's birthday is in less than two months, and I finally figured out what I'm going to get him. :) He loves to make music, and he just bought a new sound card for his computer, but his speakers are pretty old, and nothing super fancy, so I'm going to buy him some nice speakers. :D

My budget isn't super high though, I have a lot of bills to pay. I asked some people on a computer forum what they suggested, and they said these:


They're definitely very sexy speakers, but I wanted to make sure the quality was good. I've heard nothing but good things, though it'd still be nice to get some input here as well.

So what do you think?

06-08-08, 23:42
id be interested in some indepth specs as to frequency range on the sub and satellites individually rather than the set as a whole. Also, i've not been able to see anywhere a total wattage specification - the only thing ive managed to dig up on those is the satellite wattage stating 8 watts. Now I dont know whether that was per speaker or total for the set.

Here's a spec sheet for what I am running, the harmon/kardon hk395:

I can say however that these speakers have both a dedicated mid range speaker and a tweeter whereas mine has only a single full range speaker (on the satellites). These also have a slightly lower bass range than mine do. I'd prolly get them myself if they looked different (too boxy for me, and they don't match my comptuer)

06-08-08, 23:58
I'm with Spike on this one. Without any specs it's hard to say if they are sufficient. For a PC and some decent stereo sound, I might suspect they are pretty good. Having a mid and a tweeter is definitely a plus.

Melonie Tomb Raider
07-08-08, 15:41
Thanks, guys. :hug: