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07-08-08, 16:55
Hi guys i brought a webcam for my uni project today, i have filmed the vidoe with the audio but i cant covert it, its some kind of philips own extension.

Do any of you guys know a good webcam convertor software ?

07-08-08, 17:02
what is the file extension... that will be important to know in order to provide you with info on converter software.

just for gits and shiggles, try to open it with AviDemux (http://fixounet.free.fr/avidemux/). If it will play, it will convert, you can also add audio tracks with that app. Guide to follow if it will play it for you. Can convert to FLV for youtube also.

07-08-08, 17:09
Its .abm ?!!! Never even heard of that before lol

07-08-08, 18:22
have you tried opening it with that program above?

did the webcam not come with any software to edit the stuff with? I personally think that it is ridiculous that people use formats that are not easily workable. I mean.. what if you wanted to send that video to someone - how would they view it? Its almost like it is only intended to be used for streaming video rather than making a video to edit.

you might want to try this software also - not free: http://www.konvertor.net/indexe.html