View Full Version : How do you rip the sound from a video?

!Lara Croft!
08-08-08, 23:22
How do you rip the sound from a video? Because i really want the music from the TRAE Trailer, Ive already tried downloading "Dual of Fates" from Star Wars but it isn't quite the same.

08-08-08, 23:36
if you are dling a youtube vid, you should be able to use this application:http://www.dvdvideosoft.com/guides/dvd/convert-YouTube-FLV-video-to-iPod-MP4-video.htm to save just the mp3. all you have to do is put the address of the page that the video is on into the program and then tell it to save the mp3.

If it is somewhere else (you already have the video downloaded) use this application: http://fixounet.free.fr/avidemux/

^ open the video with that program - change the audio drop down to MP3 or WAV PCM etc... Go to the Audio menu at the top and choose Save Audio. Name the file and give it the proper extension for the audio type that you choose.

!Lara Croft!
08-08-08, 23:38
Thank you. :)

09-08-08, 10:47
Or if you have the video itself u could rip the audio in HQ format using windows movie maker =)

09-08-08, 16:03
ive never seen windows movie maker have the ability to extract audio from video. on top of that, windows movie maker has limited file support, which would mean getting the video converted before putting it into that software.