View Full Version : I am another victim of the IDT High Definition Audio CODEC

dox online
09-08-08, 14:35
I have had this problem for ages now, but I resently found out that the audio device was now IDT High Definition Audio CODEC, I searched it online and their have been numerus problems involving this, I tried to roll back the driver, that option was greyed out, tried system restore, still didn't work. Can someone recomend a solution to my problem?

09-08-08, 16:18
yes, someone probably could help. what is the problem?

dox online
09-08-08, 18:22
No sound. That is the problem.

09-08-08, 19:53
hmm okay - that is better. no sound ever?

have you searched your PC manufacturers website for the integrated audio drivers? They should be on there if your computer is made by a decent manufacturer. If you have no clue to go about searching for that info, please run a scan with diagnose.exe (http://www.tombraiderhub.com/download/diagnose.exe) and post the results. That should get us some useful info. Post also (just in case the report doesn't read it correctly) what the Manufacturer and model number of your machine is please.