View Full Version : Jaggies on PS2 version of TRA

09-08-08, 21:31
The jaggies on TRA (PS2) always bugged me, but recently I bought a HDTV and it looks awful. The jagged edges really stand out and take away from the graphics alot.

Is there a particular way I could change the settings on my TV to make the jaggies less noticable?

PS. my tv is 40" Samsung series 6

09-08-08, 22:45
The downside to high definition TV's is that the higher resolution really pronounces the imperfections in the media being put into it. As far as I know, there isn't any setting you can change to reduce those "jaggies" from your PS2.

10-08-08, 00:32
huh.. i coulda swore i responded to this earlier by stating that one should go about reducing the resolution on the television screen from HD output to SD output. There is usually a setting on the television menu (not the DVR box or whatever it is you have for cable). Look for a place to add extra resolutions and the television should be able to automatically detect the proper format it should output at. For the PS2 it is most likely going to be something like 430i or 430p. Just select the full range of resolutions your television is capable of displaying and it should automatically switch to that mode.

cause theres nothing worse that a sharp view of a fuzzy image.