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10-08-08, 10:09
Is there anyway to force the PC version of TR2 to read the music (and the sound of the cutscenes) from the Hard Disk instead of the Audio CD?
No I'm not looking for a no-CD crack, but I figure it would be more efficient, since for some unknown reason there is a split second stall/lag every time the game tries to change or repeat a track, perhaps its because the disc has been scratched to hell and back..?

10-08-08, 11:15
What I do, is use my own version of a no-cd hack. I bought Tomb Raider II and I haven't given this no-cd hack to anyone so it's all perfectly legal. I use it because my computer doesn't read CDs anymore, just DVDs...it's annoying.

What I did was went on my brother's computer and got the files off the CD and used a program called 'MagicISO' to save it as an ISO file. Then use another program called Daemon to run that ISO file. You can do this for pretty much any game and it's your own legal version of the no-cd hack. But remember, don't give it to anyone.

10-08-08, 11:40
Daemon tools is just a virtual CD/DVD drive emulation. Creating ISOs of your original software and mounting them using Daemon tools is not illegal. It's far from a no-cd hack :D It's an awesome tool which, for example, helps you in authoring CDs/DVDs as you can do real tests without having to burn the image to an actual disk.

You can download Daemon Tools here:


Using ISOs and Daemon Tools allows you to put your originals in safe place not having to resort to making actual copies of the CD (as I had to do some time ago), plus it assures that you'll get correctly played CD-A. Besides, some protection schemes used on CD-ROM games in the mid to late nineties were pretty abusive of your drive lens and tended to wear it out, so this way you guarantee that your hardware also lasts longer.

10-08-08, 12:14
But of course! Alcohol 120% works too, right? I have to admit I never tried that out because I doubted that it can emulate Audio CDs. Thanks for the headsup, ricky and nathan. :)
I just hope the precious CD doesn't die while being ISO'd, I've owned it for over 8 years!

EDIT: Mounting the ISO causes the music etc not be read :(

Vladislav IV
22-08-08, 11:47
Mounting the ISO causes the music etc not be read :(

An iso image only contains the first track, ie the game's data files. To copy a mixed CD (data + audio) you have to make a bin/cue image. Then you'll have all the tracks, and the game should work.

I tried to do this but my audio tracks were replaced by a scratching noise... If somebody knows a free Windows bin/cue images creator, I'm interested.

22-08-08, 12:03
Dunno about free (and decent) one, but Virtual CD 9.x is the best multiformat CD/DVD emulator so far :) (with CDA support)

Vladislav IV
22-08-08, 12:45
OK, here we are : download and install DDump Frontend and ASPI driver here (http://come.to/ddumpfrontend). Use DDump to make a raw iso/cue image. Launch the frontend, select the drive (Configuration -> Drive Configuration), and launch it.

It don't work for me, so I made it by hand :
DDump.exe 0:0:0 C:\tmp\TR2
The 0:0:0 is my cd-rom drive, you can see it in the frontend Drive Configuration menu (between parenthesis).
After that I had two files : C:\tmp\TR2.ISO and C:\tmp\TR2.CUE.

The next step : get your virtual drive to be the first drive, before your real cdrom drive. Because Lara will look at the first drive for her speech :)

Now, mount the .cue file with Daemon Tools, and enjoy !

Note : you can also rename your .iso file into .bin, so Daemon Tools will only see the .cue file.

Vladislav IV
22-08-08, 14:52
@EscondeR : hey, it's also the name of a small Microsoft utility. The same purpose in fact, but... not decent enough, yet :)

22-08-08, 19:03
^ Cough... http://www.virtualcd-online.com/

Better use VCD9 as:

Aspi driver
You also need the adaptec's aspi driver. (this version install's on every system !)
ASPI Driver V4.60 (1021) (177KB)
Please note; newer aspi versions do NOT work correctly!

And it's better to keep ASPI updated.

Tomb Raider Master
22-08-08, 21:33
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Vladislav IV
23-08-08, 09:18
And it's better to keep ASPI updated.
And DDump is from 2001, and the frontend from 2003... Not maintained any longer it seems.