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Wana b like Lara
11-08-08, 20:28
Hi! :wve:

I have a HUGE PC problem! :( My PC won't start up!!! :( It kinda loads up to the Windows XP bit where the little nlue bit loads, it takes about 40 or so secs to load and then when it finally does a kinda blue screen comes up saying something about if this problem persists again disable the BIOS Memmory, i tried no but i couldn't find it! :hea:


11-08-08, 20:48
hmm... can you possibly provide better details as to what the error message states? a picture of the screen would be great if you have a camera that can take a picture of it without blurring the text.

As far as BIOS memory, I wouldn't mess with that just yet except to boot into bios and reset everything to the factory defaults.

Generally get into BIOS by pressing F2 or Delete when the PC first turns on. On some machines it is different and there should be a message on screen telling you to "press such and such button to enter setup" - if you don't even get that prompt, it means your machine is booting in quiet mode, which you can generally override by pressing the Esc key as soon as you turn the machine on.

12-08-08, 06:53
1. Have you installed any sound/video drivers recently?

2. Enter BIOS setup (as suggested above) and choose Load BIOS/Setup defaults. Then save settings and exit BIOS.

3. Can you post a photo or describe your error message in detail? Is it IRQL_LESS_OR_EQUAL one?