View Full Version : Windows Vista 64bit-Better performance?

12-08-08, 18:54
HI there, My current OS is Windows Vista Ultimate 32 bit, I heard that the 64 bit version has better performance,but I don't know should I buy it? what if there are some compability issues, with the motherboard or CPU or I don't know what else...So that's why I'm askimg can my system handle Windows Vista ultimate 64 bit?
Thanx In advance.:)

CPU: Intel E8400 Core2Duo with 3ghz Frequency
GPU: Gygabite nvidia GeForce 8800GTS whit 512 MB ram
RAM: 2x2GB DDR2(that's 4GB but 3.5 GB on VISTA)

12-08-08, 20:05
1. Yup, Vista x64 SP1 is much better than Vista x86 (SP1).

2. You must consider upgrading most graphical programs (Photoshop, Corel, etc of that kind to use with Vista x64).

3. And yes, your system is Vista x64 compatible. :)

12-08-08, 21:07
I knew you would be the first one to reply:) Thanx for your help,you are a lot of help to this forum:D