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12-08-08, 22:03
I downloaded all the patches possible, and burnt a new copy of my disc (i had the sold out software version) using tracks 2-10 on the audio part as instructed. it works, but ive noticed that whenever i load any area, it plays a very long music track, which im pretty sure isnt supposed to play in that area. has anyone else had this problem??

13-08-08, 05:26
Can you explain a bit more detailed? :o

14-08-08, 06:15
ok sorry :p

I bought a sold out software version of tomb raider 1. so to begin with, the problem was i could not configure my sound card with the software, however, i solved this using the installer patch from trchronicles.com

i could then hear sound (eg. cutscenes, voices, gunfire etc.) but i learnt that with sold out software, on most versions, the soundtrack is not included on the disc, eg. the main theme tune on the menu.

i followed the instructions from this site: http://tombraiderhub.com/faq/traudio.html and downloaded the soundtrack, then burnt the music and data from the original disc onto a new mixed data disc.

the music plays well, the only problem is now, when i load a game (or start any section) a music track (which varies depending on the location) plays, over and over again without stopping, even when in the inventory. after completing the ps1 version like 100 times, im pretty sure this isnt supposed to happen, and i need a way to stop it. any ideas anyone?

14-08-08, 07:07
Generally the PC version (music) is that one track is played per level. +Menu theme+secret sound+dialogs.

Run Diagnose.exe (http://www.tombraiderhub.com/download/diagnose.exe) and post the report. Something must be misconfigured on your PC.

Can you post a screenshot of your TR1 replacement CD aswell?