View Full Version : My computer is running really slow...

God Horus
13-08-08, 15:41
My computer was fine before, but now all of a sudden it is running so slowly. Also, sometimes when I start a new program (e.g. Firefox) my computer takes ages to start it, and then when it does start it all of a sudden goes to Not Responding mode and then all my other applications go to not responding mode and then ALT+CTRL+DEL won't work so I have no way of terminating the processes.

13-08-08, 15:44
Have you done disk defrags, clean ups latley, done all virues checks spyware etc?

13-08-08, 15:52
Try out [Bloatware]


God Horus
13-08-08, 16:11
Thanks, I will try that. I have XP btw. I will also try uninstalling Windows Live One Care and reinstalling my full version of AVG.

13-08-08, 16:14
try ccleaner aswell thats great for getting rubbish off ur pc

God Horus
13-08-08, 16:15
try ccleaner aswell thats great for getting rubbish off ur pc

I have CCleaner and I just ran it this morning.

13-08-08, 16:46
post a report of ardiag.exe (http://www.tombraiderhub.com/download/ardiag.exe) If you cant get it to respond in normal mode, boot in safe mode and run it - then post the report here.

13-08-08, 16:51
- First, please post your Ardiag (http://www.tombraiderhub.com/download/ardiag.exe) report, Alex will tell you later the elements to delete.

- Do you remember having installed any new program lately ? If so, what is it ?

- Re-perform a whole HDD virus scan from your Antivirus .

- Defragment your hard drive, the option is available in Start Menu - All programs - Accesories - System tool.

- Download and install Skybot Search & Distroy (http://www.download.com/3001-8022_4-10743107.html?hhTest=1&spi=73098ae569697b3066d3162529c5373e) , run the application, and finally delete all the malicious files found.

That is :)