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14-08-08, 13:57
I am a massive U2 fan, i like more of the earlier stuff from them aswell like "I will follow" and "Desire" im sooo excited for there new album! Cant wait i have all there previous albums and live dvds, but was wondering does anyone know anything about the new album? I know its out near christmas time and i know its alot more gritier then "How to dismantle an atomic bomb" but thats as much as i know. Someone posted on youtube a song claiming to be from the new album called "Wave of sorrow" but that was from the "Joshua tree" album it just didnt get relesed is all. Im just wondering if anyone at all has any information on this new album?

Thank you for help
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Wolf Angel
15-08-08, 10:21
A reiable source tells @U2 the album will be released on November 18 in N. America. That would presumably mean November 17th worldwide, except certain countries that get new releases even earlier (Nov 14th)


I haven't listened to them in a while, but I'm kinda a fan of U2 ;)

15-08-08, 10:50
I really like U2 alot. Their performance at Super Bowl XXXVI was the icing on the cake for me. It was a great tribute to those who had perished in the 911 attacks. :( The Patriots won the game too so it is obviously my favorite Super Bowl and U2 is my favorite Super Bowl performance by a band. :D :yah:

15-08-08, 13:26
Ooo even earlier then i thought it was going to be released :jmp:
I wish id of been old enough to go to there ZOOtv tour, i was only 3, i loved that era of them because it had Mr Macphisto an The Fly i was Bono would bring them back :(
Thank you for the information :hug:

ben croft
16-08-08, 22:44
I love U2. I listened to some audio tracks someone recorded days ago. Not good quality, but looks ok. :tmb: Glad to see some members here love U2 also.


17-08-08, 13:42
Im so glad some other people on here do love U2 also...was begining to think no one liked them aha
WOO U2!!:jmp::jmp::jmp:

17-08-08, 13:49
U2 is realy great !