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15-08-08, 14:50
ok. so, last night. i was on the computer, and my monitor started making this alful crackling noise, and then the screen turned itself off.

and now it won't work at all.

i'm now using an old monitor, but it's really blurry.

does anyone know how to either fix the broken one, or get the current monitor to not be so blurry?

Legend Killer
15-08-08, 15:22
What make/model is your old monitor that you're using now?

Usually there are some menu option buttons on the front of the monitor that may help with adjustments.

As far as the old one goes, nowadays its not worth it to attempt repairs as new monitor prices have really come down. Also, its extremely dangerous to open up a CRT style monitor if it is not properly discharged so please don't try that.

15-08-08, 15:56


i'm just gonna use the current working one.

it seems the monitor was just being fuzzy because it hasn't been used in 3+ years :p

free to close.

15-08-08, 17:53
Tell us the following:

1. Is it a CRT display?
2. Have you tried degaussing it then?

According to the symptoms you've described the tube most likely has gone though. But it's not normal for 3+ years old monitors.