View Full Version : Spirit of Burgas Festival

15-08-08, 19:17
HEY!! There's this festival called Spirit Of Burgas and it's a three day fest with three stages and it starts from today!! I got only a ticket for 17th and that's when Cradle are singing!! It's AMAZING right?!?! :D One of my fave bands live and to be honest, it'll be my first big concert :D So anyway, just thought I'd share my happiness with you guys :hug: CRADLE OF FILTH!! YAY! :jmp: :D :jmp:

Satan, I look like a **** :p

Anyway, I'm going with one of the sales gals of the only gothic/metal/punk/emo/RnB such stereotypes stuff shop in my town :p She's very cool and I'll get to spend the whole fest night with her :D it's from 19:00 to 6 AM!! it'll be long and cool, and... *SCREAM!!!*

Ok :D feel free to delete this :wve: