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16-08-08, 09:14
Kylie on 4Music last night? It's been advertised all week ?



Amazing, saw it twice live this year :D

16-08-08, 09:15
^ Worked at that concert twice this year :p

16-08-08, 09:17
I always forget that you work at the M.E.N right ? I actually really wanted
to work there, so, me being the saddo I am, took a boquet to the front of the
stage ( first night was 3rd row, second block 114 ) so I simply had to walk to the
guy on the right, and he told me that If I wanted to, I could ring up the recruitment
number for stewards, and scribbled it down, but I'd have to wait until I'm 16. Saddly,
I lost it within a week, nevermind like 7months LOL

16-08-08, 09:20
I wouldnt bother, I've quit! They decided that from October onwards anybody under 18 is having a pay cut from 6.30 to 3.91, it really isnt worth it.

I was only inside the arena once on Kylie's last night in Manchester, and when I wasnt making overly excited, large ladies and drag queens return to their seats I pretty much enjoyed the show :p

16-08-08, 09:23
She's pretty awesome live isn't she ?

It's quite surprising actually, I saw the Spice Girls their in
January, and one of the people stuards their remembered me!
It's weird, I didn't see a single drag queen, altho I expected like a million LOL...
Seriously, about the pay-cutt, I think you've just put me off for life LOL! I'll
consider it, how many hours do you work ? The man told me it was 6.30, but
my god, 3.91 is like a little more than in the news agents I help out in now... shocking. Do you get to pick which concerts you work on btw ?

( yeah, unlikely much ? )

16-08-08, 09:27
Yeah she was good, I thought she'd be a bit of a weak singer but I heard her singing spinning around in the sound check and she sounded really good.

And lol lord knows how they remembered you! The paycut really is a slap in the face. Stick with the news agents!

I was told I would get to choose the concerts but when I phoned to book they told me when they had available shifts, so all I could do was say yes or no.

And trying to somewhat stay on topic, I liked it when she came out as a cheerleader. It was so cheesy and funny :p

16-08-08, 09:29
Lol, I envy you so much.
And lol lord knows how they remembered you! The paycut really is a slap in the face. Stick with the news agents!

Lol, small, rather butch looking lady... It's because I had a long winded conv with her
over cameras lol, to which she told me they were allowed, but I was pannicking lol.

16-08-08, 09:32
Lol small and butch? That could be a number of the ladies that work there! I hardly got to know anyone and from the people I spoke to (or rather stood near since nobody made an effort with me) they all seemed pretty foul mouthed and rude :p

Oh I remember one night when I was stood on the fire exit outside on my own Kylie did about 5 encores. I could have gone in and slapped her because I wanted to go home so badly :p

16-08-08, 09:34
Lmao! Well, I was there on the 12th, and 14th.

Yeah, she did a massive encore both nights ( we got the same
setlist, while some varied ) and it felt like she'd never end LOL.
But I got eye contact on the 12th, so.... :D

Btw, small and butch was like 5ft3 with short hair like a man. LOL

16-08-08, 09:38
Lmao, still, that description could be any of those men beasts!

You made eye contact with her? :eek:

You must have almost died.

16-08-08, 09:44
Yes, well, when you're Block B, Row C, it's really quite easy, when she looks you just jump, and she smiled at me, It happened a couple of times I'm sure :) She comesacross as such a lovely person, but it felt like each time I smiled, or waved, she turned away :vlol:

16-08-08, 09:48
Maybe she was thinking 'Oh my God it's that superfan again..just don't look..don't look.."

16-08-08, 09:49
Lol no, it was the first time of that tour, and on the tuesday, well, good luck seeing me LOL. The guy two the right of my was one his eighth show of the tour :eek:

16-08-08, 09:51
I don't know how anyone could go through the hassle of seeing it 8 times! How much must he have spent?! :eek:

16-08-08, 10:00
Well, I think they were from Leeds, so it'd come to like 600/700 pounds inc travel. I'm
seeing Madonna once this year, and the price of that is enough to send me bankrupt.

16-08-08, 10:01
Woah, how much does the old queen charge for a ticket?

16-08-08, 10:03
Maximum of 150 at Cardiff, 160 at Wembley. However, I'm in the Gold Circle standing,
and because of a quick sell out, payed 130 for the ticket alone... :(

16-08-08, 10:09
:eek: She better put on a good show or else you're in trouble.