View Full Version : Something wrong with my headphones...

16-08-08, 15:38
Hello everyone, there is something wrong with my headphones, sometimes when I listen to them, I hear the audio, I hear static then sometimes it goes to hearing only the right side of my headphones, is there someway I could get them back to working normally. Thank you, Kooky.

16-08-08, 16:56
Not long ago, I had this problem too. There was something wrong with the wire so I had to claim it. But it doesn't have to be the same problem. Don't worry. I'm sure that someone here will help you. :hug:

16-08-08, 17:02
generally when this kind of thing happens it is either an issue with the wires becoming frayed, the plug is not fully inserted (or is inserted to far), or the speakers are just dying.