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16-08-08, 16:59
when i open up my tr2 folder its empty but i can still play the game i wanted to swap lara current outfit for a downloaded one need help plz

Tomb Raider Master
16-08-08, 17:10
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17-08-08, 09:58
So C:\Program Files\Core Design\Tomb Raider II has nothing?

17-08-08, 13:20
when igo on it in control panel>c>coredesign>savegame files come up and tomb 1 tomb 2but im trying to get the levels up from wadmerger so i can swap a downloaded outfit the the original

17-08-08, 15:51
That's normal - TR2 reads all data from CD. The folder contains executable, dlls, settings and savegames.

If you want to mess with game data, better download a TR2 demo from www.tombraiderchronicles.com and play with data files there :) (you can substitute the demo level with any one from full version of TR2)