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16-08-08, 20:12
There's lots of funny and outlandish theories about Underworld over in the TRU forum, so why not make a game out of it?

Come up with the most ridiculous, far from the truth, hilarious 'spoilers' and turn the juicy parts of the text white, like so:

Well, first it shows Lara eating a pickle then Winston says "I quit" and Lara is all like "But why???" and so he replies "You're a right slob and spoilt little brat and I've had enough" and then she locks him in the furnace.

It was all quite shocking.

No real spoilers, and only 2 posts per, day, folks!:tea:
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ben croft
16-08-08, 20:44
The trailer shows Lara in a pink suit a la Paris Hilton, and she's looking for the famous Chris Cooker T-shirt... almost at the end of the trailer, Lara finds a new puppy, but it bites her legs, and Lara gets nervous, starts crying. She wants her mommy.

If you haven't seen the trailer, see it. Amazing scenes! :eek:


16-08-08, 20:47

the interview with the real model, dolly parton, and describes that handstanding with those enormous medipacks does not do justice to lara's big fat hairy butler, winston



16-08-08, 20:54
well the trailer was just wow lara is looking for a surgeon to perform a breast reduction because zip nearly killed her in the last operation......not much just off the top of my head

16-08-08, 21:02
omg liek teh TRU trailer shows teh return of lara's arch-nemesis Janice who has been buying lottery tickets for money so she cud pay for a better pair of evil henchmen :jmp:

16-08-08, 21:05
Larson lost the bullets to his shotgun.!

16-08-08, 21:06
Zip is really called Bob because when natla took over from sophia leah as head of microsoft she said it was to be done.

16-08-08, 21:11
Well, it starts out with Lara singing a duet with Cher, her idol. After dying her hair blue, she finds out she has a taste for cow manure! The next scene features Winston helping Natla in the kitchen, because they want to start a bakery!


16-08-08, 21:18
Naughty is the only thing on my mind every second of every year anyway. :p

17-08-08, 01:05
Correct me if i'm wrong but i beleive in the trailer when she was riding that dolphin with missiles attached, wasn't that duke nukem in the background.........i also thought i heard a Final Lap when she was on the jetskis......hmmm

17-08-08, 01:50
^Clever one. :p :D
I have nothing to share at this time. Too tired and cranky. :p

17-08-08, 01:57
This has gone from weird to sadistic ;)

17-08-08, 02:06
It's so cool! I really like how Lara's manor looks from behind. Did you notice OMFG JANICE!!1 in the window? I bet SHE's who shoved that big bomb to Lara's backpack!

Anyway, isn't it just SO sad how Lara was forced to watch as Charlie the Catfish died?

17-08-08, 02:17
The trailer begins with Lara running through the forest.

Narrator: This year Lara is more realistic!

AOD Lara: I can vault over roofs jump from pillars but i cant open the door because I'm not strong enough!

TRL Lara:Where is my mother!

Amanda: Avalon!

TRL Lara: I swear I'll execute you right where you stand!

Amanda: Then you won't now te location to Avalon or your mother!

TRL Lara: Fine then I'll just pimp slap you!

Lara hits Amanda across the face.

Then Classic Lara storms in and shoots both with her guns.

Lara: OWNED *****ES!

Then Winston Farts!

17-08-08, 15:05
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