View Full Version : AVG Acting Up.

17-08-08, 02:16
Ok, so I am trying to update AVG, since it says its out-of-date. I click update, it shows the files and I wait. Then all the sudden it says "a .bin file is missing."

Is there any other way of fixing this? I tried uninstall/reinstall, didn't work.

I don't like the fact that my antivirus is turned off during this period of time.:hea:

Feather Duster
17-08-08, 04:41
I never update mine.

But as to your problem, well, I don't know the answer.

And for it not being active... have you double clicked on the AVG icon on the desktop, then clicked on what you need like? ( EX. Web Shield: Double click on it, and click activate )

17-08-08, 04:51
what exactly file is missing?

17-08-08, 13:21
Ah, never mind! I tried updating this morning and it followed through just fine. I guess the server was having issues, the website works now also. You can close thread now!

17-08-08, 13:37
That just happend to me just now and i kept clicking on the Update button and now everything is fine.

17-08-08, 14:21
i also have this problem, is there a way to fix it?

EDIT: nevermind guys, i run the update and it works fine now :wve:

17-08-08, 18:26
then the bin file it was looking for must have been located on the server