View Full Version : Psx games on Psp with 4.01 m33 firmware

17-08-08, 10:22
Hi i recently cracked my psp so that i can run games with no load times (im against piracy)

but i cant get psx games to run,

I convert my tomb raider disc to .bin .cue like normal for emulators, then use autopopstation3 to convert to psp, i put the new folder in the PSP/GAME folder and the .BIN and .PBP in there.

I used to get em going on my old 3.71m33 back in the day but now these just fail to load.

some say they are currupt and some just fail after boot.

any ideas???

jungle raider
17-08-08, 10:51
Hm maybe thats because you are using cfw 4.01 m33.This custom firmware is new so its still at beta stage this means all programs wont function properly.There is 4.01 m33-2 atm in the future there will 4.01 m33 -3,-4,-5 and there will be fixes on it.So i suggest you downgrade to your previous firmware 3.71 m33-3:).Although i am having ctf 3.90 m33-3.Tr1 will crash in the middle of the game tr3 runs ok and tr5 doesnt load.I dont know about tr2 or tr4 cause i dont own the ps1 versions of these games

Dont ask me how to downgrade i dont know how :p

17-08-08, 11:11
it's fine now i got it going, i needed to use CDDA popstation, TR1 now works 100% too