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tlr online
31-05-04, 23:04
Anyone see Derren Brown’s Séance on Channel 4 this evening? Although the experiment ended up disproving the paranormal phenomena, have you ever taken part in a ouija board or séance and made contact?

01-06-04, 01:04
Disproving? I don't believe that...

01-06-04, 01:51
I'm not sure about Ouija boards. I don't think anything made by the Parker Brothers has the power to contact the other side. ;)

My cousin has one, and we both used it the last time we went down to visit her family. I remember thinking just before we started that it'd be weird if it told us we were the "Chosen Ones", and it did.

You have to admit that it is kind of scary when the pointer begins moving by itself.

"Quit making it move!"

"It's not me! I thought you were doing it!"

"This is too creepy, let's stop."

"Don't be a wuss. This is cool, let's keep going."

"Okay, but if we end up possessed I'm blaming it on you!"


01-06-04, 03:13
Originally posted by Celli:
"Okay, but if we end up possessed I'm blaming it on you!"
;) hahaha,reminds me of something in my childhood :rolleyes: :D
There were a lot of freaky thing happening when doing Ouiji s*** like doors shuting and opeming maniacly,and u can even get some violent portugeist for God's sake,I would'n EVER reccomend that to anybody,it is serious stuff and u must face the consequences of your own actions.
I DON't support disturbing dead spirits via Ouiji or any other cr** for that matter,I'm sure u'r understand it once u'r dead :mad:

01-06-04, 17:50
Originally posted by tlr online:
Anyone see Derren Brown’s Séance on Channel 4 this evening? Although the experiment ended up disproving the paranormal phenomena, have you ever taken part in a ouija board or séance and made contact?I watched it. More out of boredom, because I wasn't intending to - just waiting for BB. It certainly didn't disprove anything. It did prove that people can be tricked that is all. What was more interesting to me was to watch the suggestions and see these people taken in by it. For example, the arrangement of the photos, how to select and switch - it's been done many a time before.

Anyway, regarding the Ouija board. I used to use one regularly - on my own. Yes, I've done it with other people. My siblings and I used to use one when we were kids, and I'm talking under 10 here - hey, so I didn't have a conventional childhood, does that mean I'm weird or something? Um, oh ok :D

Well, in my early 20's I used one daily for about a year, whether day or night, it doesn't matter. I was interested to see firstly the nature of anything that may 'come through', and secondly, how accurate any predictions it might make were. I didn't necessarily subscribe to the idea that it was some discarnate entity moving the glass, or planchette (usually the latter). But went along with this idea for the sake of the 'experiment'. I do, I might say, believe in the persistence of the soul after physical death.

In truth I always believed that it was always me 'unconsciously' moving it. What was interesting to note was that any replies I 'received' through the board were always in my head beforehand. In that, I knew which letter was next in the sequence. Further, that any attempt by me to block the idea of the answer in my head meant that the planchette moved around aimlessly or spelled out gobbledy-gook. (So, in a sense, you have to let the answers come.)

Purely on a level of a physical experience it is very interesting to feel this movement whilst absolutely not making any effort to move the planchette yourself (in a conscious manner that is).

My ultimate conclusion was that the Ouija board is primarily a tool for accessing information in the unconscious. That would also include the collective unconscious, and as such, could be used to access information from 'other' sources. Whether you choose to call those other sources a separate entity, a ghost, a soul or whatever is largely irrelevant to me.

And for those who may be wondering. Predictions made through the use of the Ouija in my experience (experiment) regarding normal, everyday, mundane events were often accurate. Predictions regarding extraordinary events (like lottery numbers) were entirely innacurate.

Having said that. I wouldn't advise anyone to use one. Knowing as I do, that the Ouija can and does give vent to unsconscious thoughts, feeling and emotions that the user has supressed or repressed, the user may well not be able to deal with them. At worst, it could destabilise them psychologically.

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01-06-04, 17:53
yeah we tryed doing last night!!! it really freaked me out! I have always wanted to do an oujai board to contact my dad, but if this stuff is true than i dont want it to go eveil or bad if u get my drift of things!
im kinda physcic (yes i cant spell) i have dreams and they come true but not any sort of dreams!! (plays twilight zone music)

02-06-04, 06:58
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