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18-08-08, 10:19
i just finally got a collector edition of the ongoing comic serie by frank miller and jim lee, and i was wondering if some othe rpeople have already read it. IMO from the very first issue till the 9th batman its a bit on the edge of a reckless vigilante and a mad man, but i would like to know your ideas, despite the critics (which arent really nice to it...)

here are some of the pics too:D:D:D...

http://images.comiccollectorlive.com/27CF9EA1-7C8E-4724-868A-005B93F5C503/1FE5EBD6-E2DB-4F8B-AAF6-8458966EC0D0/66167A19-F12B-43AC-BE21-E8EFD4974EDF.jpg http://www.superherotimes.com/news/images/AllStarBatmanRobinPoster.jpg


18-08-08, 13:27
I've never read it myself, but I've always wanted to. Although Batman sounds like a maniac. ;)

18-08-08, 13:37

LMFAO :vlol:

18-08-08, 13:49
lol, yeah, "I'm the goddamn Batman!"

Never read it but I think my brother might has this one.

18-08-08, 14:17
Are you retarded or something? :hea:

I always imagined this is how Batman must often feel about Robin but never had the chance to say it out loud. :whi:

18-08-08, 14:22
:yik: The cover is awesome!

When I first glanced I thought it read, "What, are you Denise?" but obviously I read it again :p

I certainly don't have this issue but I have one or two kicking around upstairs in my loft haha, I'll have to dig them out!

18-08-08, 18:07
i have the whole fist 9 issues... and there are a lot of people complaining that nothing is happening,.. but as far as i have read (till the end of the 9th) its like preparing the ground for a big strike... so far in the arc are catwoman, joker, vicky vale, black canary, a very joung version of batgirl, a very joung version of the justice league, with superman, wonder woman, and green lantern, also plastic man.... and none of them have done much more than introducing themselves... the story is going to develop critical and epic, i see it coming,.. catwoman vs joker, batman vs superman, already robin did kicked al jordans asses, and probably batman or catwoman vs wonderwoman... maybe im just dreaming,... but once supy realizes how sick batman is, hell be blowing everything out... wonder woman couldnt be tougher...

oh well...