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18-08-08, 15:07

I want to know if there is a programme that would allow me to watch Region 1 DVDs on my laptop.

I understand that there are many DVD players that are multi-regional and can ,thus, play all Regions. But the thing is I don't have a television in my appartment, only a laptop which I use for everyday purposes. Plus I really don't want to get a TV only to pay for a TV licence, and I don't really watch TV anyway.

I am not asking for a hack - since I have already searched the forums and found out that the thread concerning hacks and DVDs was closed.

But what I am asking for is a LEGAL software programme to play a Region 1 DVD. For example, VLC, etc. Though, this doesn't work either, unless the hardware is programmed on a specific Region.

Currently my DVD player on my laptop is programmed on Region 2 but I don't want to change it to Region 1 as the modification will become permanent.

18-08-08, 15:40
hmm... I believe there are some programs that will allow you to change the region encoding on you DVD drive up to 4 times. My mom's PC used to have one. I forget what it was called though but I think it was something that came bundled with the DELL OEM installation of Windows XP.

I think you may be able to do it via Device Manger though according to this guy's blog here:

I bought 2 DVDs in the UK which the DVD drive barfed at. No error message, warning or anything, it just didn't work. So I looked up the Mat****a DVD driver (UJ-840S ATA Device) in 'Device Manager' and the general status tab told me 'This device is working properly.' Really, I thought to myself.

So clicked on the DVD Regions tab of the Properties dialogue box. It said:

"Most DVDs are encoded for play in specific regions. To play a regionalized DVD on your computer, you must set your DVD drive to play discs from that region by selecting a geographic area from the following list.

CAUTION You can change the region a limited number of times. After Changes remaining reaches zero, you cannot change the region even if you reinstall Windows or move your DVD drive to a different computer.

Changes remaining: 4

To change the current region, select a geographic area, and then click OK.

19-08-08, 10:50
Trust me, you dont wanna change it... my mums ran out of goes, and is now locked on NTSC:mad:

Download any video converter/extractor tool and it will load/rip the dvd..
I used it to play a 2disc edition of Final Destination 3 that was USA region 1, to play on my PSP:D

dox online
19-08-08, 11:08
Some cheat systems (I know of xploder) that can make it so you can watch North American dvds, but you need to load region free every time you want to watch a NA dvd so that it does not lock. You need a ps2 and a cheat system like xploder to get region free dvds on the ps2, play every type of dvd on a pal PS2.

19-08-08, 11:09
Going to the valley of illegality?..