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18-08-08, 19:13
Hello. I was searching around the forums but I couldnt find a solution here.

But my question is this: can my PS3 download movies from the internet, for example the new HD TR Underworld trailer, so I can store it on my console without having an external memory device? And if so, how?

Ive tried before but my PS is asking for me to insert a memory device or something which Im not willing to buy because I have an abundance of memory left on the hardware.

Thank you!

18-08-08, 19:17
You can't download from tomb raider chronicles directly to your ps3 as the videos are compressed in a zip file and you won't be able to open it. The ps3 cannot save unrecogniseable files to the hard drive, so you need to get it on your computer anyway. If you have a wireless router you can use the media server option to stream the video from your computer to the ps3, once you have extracted it.

You can download from some sites like gametrailers, but not if they are in a zip file like TRC.

18-08-08, 19:28
GREAT. That clears that up then.

Thank you very mucho :)