View Full Version : Ps3 bluetooth

18-08-08, 21:12
Hi guys how do i make my ps3 visible to my pc?

My pc has bluetooth and i wanna transfer stuff between the two :jmp:

18-08-08, 21:44
are you sure that ps3 has OBEX profile?

AFAIK both devices need to support OBEX profile in order to do file transfers. WiFi may be better suited for this. In fact, since it does support WiFi, I doubt it would support OBEX BT profile. BT might only be for using headests.

dont quote me though, I don't own one.

19-08-08, 05:47
Stick to WiFi - it's safer.

19-08-08, 07:03
how dp i send stuff to my ps3 vvia wifi?

19-08-08, 07:13
Connect PS3 via wireless to the same router your PC is connected (IP from the same range). Then you'll be able to transfer files in this LAN.