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18-08-08, 23:28
Hey here you can discuss anything about crawlspaces. Well i have a crawlspace at my mum's house underneath the house. In there are pipes with insulation and sometimes spiders in there and it's dark and creepy in there too. Also the only way i can get to the crawlspace is from the outside.

18-08-08, 23:29

I might start a general attic thread. That would be useful.

18-08-08, 23:30
Well, this thread might get closed soon for the extreme niche the topic is...

But while I'm kinda bored/putting off work, I can add I never had a crawl space in any of the houses I've lived in. Every time I read "crawl space" though, it reminds me of a CTF map of that name for ZDaemon, a new port of the >10 year old game DOOM.


18-08-08, 23:32
:vlol: Nothing in mine but some cobwebs and tools.

18-08-08, 23:32
Actually, I would hate crawspaces. Especially if they were low and thin, and not being able to turn around or move easily would be horrible.

18-08-08, 23:39
Actually They're not so bad well only if someone is locked in. I hope that someone doesn't lock me in the crawlspace by closing this thread. :pi:

Dark Lugia 2
18-08-08, 23:41
Crawlspace? :O

18-08-08, 23:41
How many threads like this have you made peeves? No offense.

18-08-08, 23:42
How many threads like this have you made peeves? No offense.

Sorry Well i just wanted to make a discussion about crawlspaces. If it belongs in open chat then i made a mistake. Sorry guys :hug:

18-08-08, 23:47
DEJA VU! (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=102479)

This subject is for open chat, Peeves.