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20-08-08, 11:32
Having downloaded and played the Too Human demo a bit now l am wondering if anyone can tell me the secret to getting to level 8 and 9, l am just a fraction of level 8 most times now when the demo finishes and it is starting to slightly annoy me. No doubt it is something to do with my lack of sufficient skills, but juggling and air combat l am reasonably proficient with and l can at least beat the timer on the first timed area, if not the second. :( l can finish it without dying as Defender, Champion and Berserker, l am hopeless at using the Commando class Baldur and have yet to manage to play as the Bio Engineer. Do we have any of these elite players who have managed to reach level 9 who could give some hints. Please.:)

Edit - Yes l can see how popular it is, perhaps a few pretty pictures will get a few more experts or newbies like me to try it.




l am personally more of an adventure/action gamer who plays the occasional platformer, did not think to much of Halo and never play fps games, apart from Oblivion this is the only other remotely rpg type game l have been interested in.